Rebranding Report: MONI Rebrands to Brink’s Home Security

Security Sales & Integration reported that after rebranding from Monitronics to MONI less than two years ago, the company has become the exclusive licensee of the Brink’s Home Security brand. Brink’s Home Security was spun off from The Brink’s Company in 2008 and changed its corporate name to Broadview Security in 2009 as a requirement of the spinoff. Broadview Security was acquired by Tyco International 2010, and its services were transitioned to the ADT brand. There are two federal registrations for the BRINK’S HOME SECURITY mark, which are owned by Brink’s Network.

MONI is one of the largest home security companies in the U.S. with about one million subscribers. Peter Giacalone – a Security Sales & Integration columnist – opined that the reason MONI pulled the plug on its rebrand so fast was because “[t]he MONI brand really had no great impact or history.  It was a good thought at the time, but pales in comparison to resurrecting the Brink’s brand.” First year royalties for the BRINK’S HOME SECURITY mark are reported to be about $5 million.

This story demonstrates what we discussed in a prior post that brand drives revenue. If you have the opportunity and financial means to step into the shoes of a recognized brand, it may be hard to turn that opportunity down, which is what MONI apparently was presented with.

Freebie Trademark Search: TARRACO for Automobiles

The car manufacturer Seat, SA recently used a survey format to select the name of its new SUV. The participants chose the name TARRACO. 146,124 individuals participated in the survey representing 134 countries.

Seat, SA is s Spanish automobile manufacturer headquartered in Martorell, Spain. Seat sells its automobiles worldwide except the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, and India. BOB wondered if Seat, SA decided to sell, for the first time, its TARRACO SUV in the United States, would it be able to? We used BOB to search the mark TARRACO with “automobiles.” We inputed TAR$ OR $ACO in the Wild Card Search Field because we want to look for any marks beginning with TAR or ending with ACO. You can see BOB run this search HERE.

After watching the video, leave a comment and let us know if you think the TARRACO name is available for “automobiles” in the United States.