Building Brand Awareness Requires Consistent Trademark Use

All startup companies and even some mature businesses have an issue with creating brand awareness, and brand awareness is the first step in the sales process. If prospective purchasers are unaware of your brand, it is much more difficult to get those prospective customers into the sales funnel and move them towards the conversion you want, which is ultimately a sale. There are many parts to building brand awareness, but one important part is consistent trademark use.

Recently, FastSigns highlighted four examples of business that made changes to their signs and graphics to help establish and grow their businesses. What you notice in the examples is not only the consistent use of graphics and colors, but also consistent use of the trademark. If the appearance of your trademark is different every time a prospective purchaser sees it, it will take longer to build up a strong association between the trademark and your goods and services.

After a mark is chosen, you then need to decide how the mark will be used so that it will stand out from the remaining text on the page and be distinguishable from other marks in the marketplace. These decisions should be standardized and set out in a Style or Usage Guide. 99designs has provided some tips on creating a Usage Guide, but their post also highlights the importance of working with a branding firm. After all, your business has just seven seconds with a customer to make a first impression.

Consistent trademark use is especially important if the chosen trademark is merely descriptive and the owner is trying to acquire trademark rights or the trademark exists in a crowded field. In these situations, the trademark conceptually is more difficult to distinguish from other similar trademarks. Therefore, creating the same experience for consumers will help estabi

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